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Willow Fumed

Willow Fumed

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salix alba

Fumed Willow quarter cut wood veneer is a rich, caramel brown color. These warm tones pair very well with natural elements like stone, adding an element of coziness to any environment.

Common Uses for Quarter Cut Fumed Willow Wood Veneer: Aircraft and yacht interiors, architectural panels, cabinetry, doors, flooring, furniture and millwork, as well as store fixtures.

Other Name(s): White Willow, Aspen, Grissard.

The Tree: Typically reaches heights between 65-100 feet, with diameters between 3-4 feet.

A Little History: White Willow is so named because the undersides of the leaves are a pale white. Historically, it’s been the wood of choice for cricket bats. Also commonly used for weaving baskets.

Region: Europe

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