Tropical Hardwood

Tropical hardwood is the best wood for high end decks, docks, rainscreen siding and soffits. It is long lasting, requires no to little maintenance and has an attractive look. Regardless of species, all decks will weather to a silver gray colour over time even if finished. 

Tropical hardwood is one of the sustainable lumber options today. We specialize in Ipe, Cumaru, Teak, and Jatoba decking and always aim to supply FSC lumber whenever possible. 

Ipe is by far the best decking hardwood option. Its density, stability and resistance to decay and rot makes it a perfect choice for exterior applications. Ipe decks and docks boast 35+ year life span. It can be left unfinished and will turn beautiful subtle silver colour or it can be treated annually with timber oils to keep its reddish brown luster. We end seal our Ipe decking boards to prevent checking during transit and acclimatization. Ipe deck installation tips and tricks. 

Garapa wood is a South American species that is most commonly used for decking and siding. It is a fine grained and very hard species with a yellow to yellow brown colour. It makes a great alternative to Ipe. It is highly rot resistant and very hard yet at about half the hardness of Ipe it won’t pose the same installation problems with screwing it in place or the high weight. The lower weight has made it a popular choice for exterior siding and even interior applications like tongue & groove ceilings. If left untreated, Garapa will turn grey-silver colour.

Cumaru offers another great lower price option compared to Ipe without much compromise in terms of quality and longevity. It is not as stable as Ipe but with proper drying and acclimatization 1 1/4" and thicker Cumaru will not move or check. It comes in brown-yellow tones, but will also turn grey over time. 

Red Balau comes from Shorea family, same as Meranti and Lauan. While not as hard as Ipe or Cumaru (still significantly harder than most domestic exterior woods), it is much more consistent in colour which is important if you prefer to keep the original rich red-brown colour instead of letting the board weather grey.

Jatoba also known as Brazilian Cherry is another highly dense wood. Jatoba is widely used both as flooring and decking material but also for siding and exterior furniture. 

Teak is often requested by boat builders. Although, traditionally used for yacht decks, it is a popular wood option for residential decks and interior flooring and trim. Teak comes in many colours when freshly milled, but with air and sun exposure it turns a lovely golden brown. We only offer FEQ (First European Quality) Teak lumber with consistent colour and grain patterns.