European Hardwood

Appealing and sleek aesthetic, as well as strong and durable properties of European hardwoods (mainly from France, Germany and the Baltic's) make this wood a popular choice for high end millwork and flooring project across the world. 

European hardwood lumber has very similar appearance to American Hardwood, yet it looks more luxurious.  For example, despite coming from the same species of tree, European Oak tends to have a darker, browner and richer colour in comparison to American Oak. European Oak timber also typically has a beautiful, soft and slightly wavy grain pattern, whilst American Oaks generally have quite pronounced graining.

Our main species are European Oak, European Beech and European Aspen. 

European Oak (Spessart Oak) grows exclusively in the Spessart Forest of Bavaria, Germany, and considered the gold standard of all Oaks. Because of proper management, this forest has mineral free soil, annual rainfall and proper drainage. As a result, these trees have beautiful consistent colour, as well as tight uniform grain structure.

European Aspen (Populus Tremula) belongs to the willow family and is bright in colour. Its natural habitat is the cooler regions of Europe and Asia, including Iceland, the British Isles, Scandinavia and northern Russia. Because Aspen is naturally non-toxic, non-allergenic, resin-free and moisture-resistant, it is “friendly” to all. This makes it a very popular sauna wood choice for indoor and infrared saunas as well as public saunas, hotels, and also health club saunas. Further, Aspen can withstand microorganism attacks by bacteria and fungi, making it one of the cleanest sauna wood types around.

European Beech is considered "the perfect hardwood". It is the most readily available hardwood from sustainable forests. It has excellent processing properties and works well with any stains. High quality of surface due to closed-pore wood structure of light uniform colour.