Sheet Goods

Baltic Birch Plywood is the best seller among hardwood plywoods. We only carry true European baltic birch plywood and meets E1 formaldehyde emissions standard. It is manufactured with multiple thin plies of birch veneer used uniformly throughout the panel. 

Baltic plywood is extremely stable and is not subject to movements caused by temperature and humidity changes. This makes it perfect for applications where tolerances are tight, such as door panels trapped within rails and stiles. Not having to worry about a panel cupping and bowing or expanding and cracking a frame is a significant benefit.

This plywood comes in various grades (B,BB, CP, C), thickness (3-40mm) and panel size (4x8, 5x10). It is an excellent and affordable option for cabinets and wall panels where wide widths are needed. Imagine the costs (and movement issues) created by building kitchen cabinets with solid lumber. Moreover, building cabinetry and wall paneling from plywood results in a better colour and grain match.