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tectona grandis

Teak figured quarter cut wood veneer color varies among the hues of tawny yellow to dark brown. Characterized by mineral streaks that provide a contrasty grain structure. Teak has a strong, tough, oily texture. This cut also has a beautiful block mottle figure.

Common Uses for Figured Quarter Cut Teak Wood Veneer: Architectural and acoustic panels, cabinetry, doors, furniture and millwork, as well as both private aircraft and yacht interiors.

Other Name(s): Burma Teak, also Genuine Teak.

The Tree: Grows to heights of 130-150 feet with trunk diameters usually around 4-6 feet. Trunks can be as wide as 8 feet or more!

A Little History: Because of its durability, strength, workability and handsome appearance, Teak is one of the outstanding timbers of the world.

Region: Asia

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